Backend System

We offer a wide selection of Backend System components for Concrete Pumps. Click here to see our catalog and see our full lineup of Backend options.

*Note – We update our web-store daily, so if you don’t see the part you’re looking for, give us a call at 877-434-PUMP and we’ll take care of the rest!*

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Break-Out Straight Section, Male to Female Ends, Hard Faced, 340mm



Elbow, 7" to 6" Flange/ Male Hard-Face

DN180 Elbow 7″ to DN150 6″ Flange/ Male Hard-Faced Reducing Elbow



Swing-Out Cast Elbow 90° 7″- 6″ No-Port

SKU: 7690PU


Elbow, 7" to 6" Cast  Flange

Elbow, 7″ to 6″ Cast Flange

SKU: 127P02368VP


Putz Reducer (ZX-SK) 1200mm TW



Reducer, 6″ to 5″ 1200mm Zx Male

SKU: 115-11673HVP


Swing-Out Elbow 90° 7″- 6″ No-Port, Hard-Faced

SKU: 7690PU.HF