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We stock thousands of wear parts for all makes and models of Concrete Pumps. Click here to see our catalog.

*Note – We update our web-store daily, so if you don’t see the part you’re looking for, give us a call at 877-434-PUMP and we’ll take care of the rest!*

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Foot Mount Coupling (Snap) W/G

Foot Mount Coupling (Snap) W/G

SKU: 611147VP


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Wear Plate – 6″

SKU: 134717


Foot Mount Coupling(2-Bolt)SK-S 5,5Z ND

SKU: 430241


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Wear Plate 570 20 Cell – Carbide

SKU: 406927ZN


Plate-Base, Carbide, DN220

SKU: 10183638CB


Wear Plate, 536

SKU: B30233


Pressure Connection, 5Z HD 175-4L RS400

Pressure Connection, 5Z HD 175-4L RS400

SKU: 425087


Wear Plate, DN250 E, B-Rock

SKU: 10181938.CPS


Ram Flange Style DN180, 7″

SKU: 10161781CB


Weld-On End, 5"

Weld-On End, 5″



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S-Tube S2318 Bigmouth 90mm

SKU: 434023.CPS


Ram Flange Style DN250, 10"

Ram Flange Style DN250, 10″

SKU: 10161980.CPS