Large Readymix Washout Bag – Unlined (L42″ x W42″ x H43″ – 1.9CY)


This Large Readymix Washout Bag is also available in LINED model

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The Large Ready-mix Washout Bag is built for larger jobs and concrete capture. The frame is not included but can be easily assembled from common PVC pipes and connectors.

This Large Ready-mix Washout Bag is also available in LINED model


•  Adheres to environmental regulations
•  Strength-tested, tear-resistant woven polypropylene
•  Slides under ready-mix chutes
•  Partially-enclosed top keeps material contained during transport
•  Small center opening eliminates spills
•  Reinforced over-lock stitching adds extra strength and structure
•  Extra-sturdy, reinforced poly straps for forklift portability
•  Poly pocket for accurate project identification
•  Volume capacity 51.3 cubic feet | 384 gallons | 1.9 cubic yards


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